Celebrity Moron Of The Week: Bourne Loser Matt Damon

Bourne  Loser

Matt Damon Gives His Much Anticipated And Valued Opinion On…

Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin.

An Exposition Displaying The Low Wattage Of The Liberal Mindset

t/b: Michelle Malkin,  Hot Air


22 thoughts on “Celebrity Moron Of The Week: Bourne Loser Matt Damon”

  1. RCP

    Did he say “do the actuary tables?” When Damon said something like “how did we get this far” meaning with a candidate like Palin…that’s exactly how I feel about Obama.

    Thanks for this.


  2. Mat is concerned that, as a state Governor Palin may not have the experience to lead. Bill Clinton was only a state Governor and the Democrats didn’t have a problem with it then.

    Reagon was a state Governor and he did a great job as President.

  3. It is like the Ocean XX movies where he has to be guided by Clooney and Pitt on how to say the right thing. He does nt seem to have a clue in real life either.
    Those two support Obama but don’t make idiotic comments like this.

  4. Fame, based on an ability to portray a character for the purposes of entertaining others, seems to have imbued those actors with a belief that they are competent to give opinions on a wide range of issues. Happily, when they render these opinions they reveal how vaccuous and ill informed they are. The more they say the sillier they look. We now anxiously await the pronouncements of Susan Sarandon on the issue of nuclear power, I’m certain it will be entertaining.

  5. I love Matt Damon. He’s saying what most Americans & the world are saying. It’s so sad that you racists have to make this race a referendum on Barack Obama to win the election. You can’t stick to the issues that are affecting most Americans tight now. It’s all about you. You weak minded individuals are going to make sure that this country burns to the ground. All because you can’t stand having someone who doesn’t look like you running for President. You Republicans are vile. Your convention of all White old men that doesn’t even represent America was even more vile. I honestly don’t understand how you morons can wake up & feel good about representing a party that treats a huge chunk of Americans like dirt. By any means necessary right? Country first my ass.

  6. Disgusted, Im disgusted with you and your so-called “enlightened” liberals. Your saying we are racist? My god, your side keeps talking of McCain’s age and Palin’s lack of experience, when your guys havent run a thing in their whole life. Last i checked , age discrimination is up there with race iscrimination. McCain commanded a squadron and controlled 100 of millions of dollars in aircraft. Palin ran a state. And Obama hasnt sponsored one bill, not held one comittee meeting. Obama is asking to be CofC, when one of his best friends and political allies bombed the US military’s HQ. You talk about Palin’s religion, and Obama belongs to a church that preaches hate (do we have to roll that beautiful bean footage again?).

    Obama and you liberals are a joke…

  7. Soooooo Disgusted… when I supported J.C.Watts, Clarence Thomas, and voted for Alan Keyes, which race was I racist against? When I read and recommend Thomas Sowell, Walter E. Williams and Larry Elder for their intellectual insight, to which group have I shown disrespect? You start off by saying you “love Matt Damon”. That wouldn’t color your reaction to any criticism of him would it?

    As typical of liberals your entire paragraph is filled with errors. “Old white men”? I guess you didn’t watch the convention then, because the parade of young women, non-whites, and former Democrats was dizzying. Unlike the Democrat convention, the Republican convention was diverse in politics and world view – and they didn’t have to pass a prohibition to carrying buckets of feces and urine like Democrat one did.

    Stick to the issues? Eveny Obama’s followers are getting nervous about his lack of explaining “hope” and “change” and his incessant hoof-in-mouth disease. He and his campaigning wife keep letting their Marxism peek through, then damage control kicks in to minimize the loss in the polls.


  9. dear disgusted–there are a few basic techniques you might want to use when presenting an argument–don’t stereotype–that is a form of racism–don’t show extreme intolerance–again a form of prejudice–use inductive or deductive reasoning but use some reasoning–

    –and then get some basic facts–the republicans have done more for blacks than the democrats–go look up how many republicans voted for the civil rights legislation in ’64 and which party supported planned parenthood in their goal of reducing pregnancies in the black population

    –there are racists in both parties but historically the democrats are worse–

    –if you agree with a socialist system–which is what obama will be able to introduce with the help of pelosi and reid then PLEASE go live in a socialist country for a streach–the US is the economic engine of the world and the only democratic country that still is not socialist

    –plus you might lay out an argument for how you can defend a politician that is on record for his refusal to defend the rights of live birth infants–I’d be curious to hear it

  10. I think that as an American citizen, Matt Damon and anyone else has the right to voice their opinion regardless of whether it makes sense to those who may hear it. It is your right to agree or disagree with him and what he says. It is not the right of anyone to try to censor his right to speak.
    Ben – There is an enormous difference between racism and ageism. Historically, respect and deference towards older people is part of any honorable person’s everyday behavior. Unfortunately the same respect for people of different races has not been a historical reality. While equating the two is your prerogative, the foundation of your argument is faulty.

  11. ps —a few simple facts do always help—there is not a 1 in 3 chance mccain won’t live to the end of his first term–yes on average american men live to 74–but by the time an american man has lived to 70 he has avoided “a lot of the likely causes of death” ie under 30 men it accidents etc–so an american man that lives to 70 on average will have another 13 years–last time I checked mccain is 72 so that would mean he has lived to 70—PLUS if they really wanted the actuarial facts they could plug in mccain’s family history etc—the facts is not what they are interested in–they are interested in stereotyping a person —

    ps rich–historically doesn’t mean it is still happening, so your assumption there is faulty–and of obviously anyone has a right to an opinion–but we should all agree that looking at the honest facts should be a premise of statements–it would be far better to say “sure mccain could live till 100 but I don’t agree with the old patriotic notions of america–I think a move towards socialism and a more european style of living would be preferable therefore I am voting obama

  12. Dear Matt – The thing that’s really absurd is that while you criticize Palin over the possibility that she may one day have to assume the responsibilities of President, you actively support Obama, who has less experience than Palin, in his quest to be President. Obama is clearly not ready to be President. Check with Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, they have said as much. Matt, I suggest that you stick to acting. You do a fairly good job at it. I don’t want to hear your uninformed political opinions. You are doing yourself a disservice.

  13. When I need to know the distinction between stage left and stage right, I will ask Matt Damon.

    Until then, he is just another entertainer not unlike that of a dancing monkey on a street corner.

    Dance monkey, dance.

  14. Someone PLEASE explain to me why idiots like this with little education, little experience in the real world, marginal sanity (Let’s face it they spend their lives pretending to be someone else)are even asked this type of question. He doesn’t think she’s capable of being President. Well I don’t think he’s capable of making such a complex assessment. His intelligence is only make-up deep. Who does this? Who interviews idiots like this?

  15. Matt Damon is speaking the truth, yea you guys hate on him he is a great actor who you haters probably paid 10 buck to see.

  16. Matt,

    For someone as well educated as yourself, you must realize how impossibly stupid you look criticizing someone you yourself admitted you know next to nothing about.

    As an example: I know nothing about the super-collider, but I have to say I don’t know if it can make coffee, but if it can, it will probably taste bad..

    stick to movies, doofus.

  17. Do we really care what Matt Damon, Lindsey Lohan or Pam Anderson think about politics? Is it because they have made movies playing characters that aren’t real; does that give them credibility to speak on issues of politics? Why are we giving these windbags any air time at all. Shut up and act you bunch of doofs! Hollywood mentality is about as idiotic as the democratic party…oops, was I a little redundant there?

  18. Wow, the FIRST thing out of his mouth is how he himself says “I don’t know anything about her” yet he goes off on her record like he knows something.
    No dumbass, she only turned the state of Alaska around, cleaned up the political system, sent out a check to every tax paying Alaskan. Has an approval rating of 83%. I find it such a joke that Hollywood people think they know what a true everyday American is thinking and feeling. They have no idea when all they do is play make believe for a living, work about 6 months every two years on a movie then live off the interest of your overpaid salaries.
    I do agree with him on one point, he does know what it would be like to be in a bad movie. Not necessarily a bad Disney movie, but definately, he does have first hand knowledge of being in bad movies. I’ll give him that first hand experience.

    Hollywood needs to STFU and just do the only thing they know how to do, entertain us. Even that is a stretch in Matt Damon movies.

    WHO do you think founded this country in the beginning. People , everyday people with no political agendas. Just the desire to do public service and create something good.
    OBAMA is the one with a fraction of the experience of Sarah Palin. Although a fraction of a fraction of a percent experience, it is experience I guess.

    Uhg, Hollywood. like they know what everyday American’s thinks……..

  19. Once again, the Hollywood elite (aka the new communist party) show their complete and utter stupidity about the world around them. Both Matt Damon and Brad Garrett showed a complete lack of intelligence when asked about Sarah Palin and the only thing either could do is insult the woman and call her “white trash” and “hockey mom”. These two incredibly stuck up and moronic individuals would actually put an unqualified black man into the most powerful position in the world just to prove some ridiculous elitest point. Matt Damon (and others) love to toss their vile garbage on Governor Palin and talk about inexperience but somehow aren’t bothered by the fact that Mr. Obama has served a measely 3 years in the senate and spent 2 of those 3 campaigning for president. This man’s only qualification to be president is literally the fact that he has run to be president! And I find that horrifying. I wonder why Matt Damon, Brad Garrett, and the other idiots don’t see it that way? A lack of brain power tends to group people together in cultish thinking, regardless of how stupid it may be and I think thei explains the Hollywood crowd very well.

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