No kidding.  The Spalding group is giving away One Million “NoBama”  Bumper stickers.  All you have to do is send a self addressed stamped envelope for the sticker.

Details on the free offer:

Spalding Group founder responds to MoveOn.Org Obama bumper sticker giveaway – will give away up to a million “NOBAMA” bumper stickers

Louisville, KY July 31, 2008 – Ted Jackson, founder and president of Spalding Group, a principal supplier to the last six Republican Presidential campaigns, official licensee to the 2000 and 2004 Bush-Cheney campaigns, and creator of the online store, announced today his plan to personally fund the giveaway of up to one million of the hugely popular “NOBAMA” bumper stickers. Jackson is making this independent expenditure to underwrite the overall NOBAMA bumper sticker giveaway expense as a direct response to a offer of a free Obama bumper sticker.

Spalding Group initially created and recently introduced its NOBAMA product line in answer to overwhelming requests from its hundreds of thousands of customers. Since the line’s introduction, the sale of these items has been unprecedented. When asked about the NOBAMA product line success and his personal one million NOBAMA bumper sticker giveaway, Jackson responded, “MoveOn.Org is an ultra-liberal organization that, in reality, speaks for a very small minority in this country. This isn’t a coronation. As confirmed by recent polls, there are currently an equal number of individuals that oppose Obama as there are that support him, and they want to be heard.”

To receive a free “NOBAMA” bumper sticker, enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope and mail the request to;

NOBAMA Free Bumper Sticker
c/o Ted Jackson
2306 Frankfort Ave.
Louisville, KY 40206

“Anyone who knows me or knows my background knows that I’ve been a Republican activist for over 30 years, even before I founded Spalding Group. This is something I personally wanted to do to make a statement along with many others that share my sentiment,” stated Jackson.

About Spalding Group
Founded in 1984, Spalding Group has been a principal supplier for the last six Republican presidential nominees. As 2000 and 2004 official licensee to the George W. Bush for President Campaigns, Spalding Group created the award-winning George W. Bush Online Store, Serving Republicans exclusively, Spalding Group provides campaign materials and services to hundreds of Republican organizations and candidates across the country. Having earned the national reputation as the “Republican Source”, Spalding Group’s primary focus for nearly 25 years has been helping to elect Republicans.


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