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Conservative Bloggers Carry Through On Barack Obama's Empty Promise To Help Kenyan School

The School that Barack Obama promised assistance and was ultimately ignored by BHO

A promise broken in the two years since his historic visit to his father’s ancestral village in 2006 still hasn’t been realized. Another photo-op and more stagecraft with no pledges kept to help fund the school honored with his name.

Now Obama’s promise is being realized with a non-profit charity, Save Senator Obama Kogelo School, Inc.

The Charity is the idea of the Baldilocks blogger Kenyan-American milblogger Juliette Ochieng.

Juliette writes:

Since I am of the same tribe as Obama, I think that it should fall to me to assist in filling in this gap. I’d like to start a fund to help this village school—and others, if possible.

Off the top of my head, the following information needs to be known:

1. an itemized list of the things which the village schools in Kenya require and that school in particular
2. supporting items and services for the above list
3. the logistics
4. the oversight plan of the money and the tasks
5. maintenance and upkeep required

In addition, there’s an over-arching concern about the infrastructure in the country: how much modern technology can the village handle?

I’m a fund-raising virgin, however, so as soon as I get some more information, we’ll get this ball rolling.

BTW, this will be a non-partisan endeavor. I’ve tweaked Obama as much as I’m going to on this topic. I’ll keep thumping him about other stuff but not about this. Heck, he can help–even get out in front of this parade as he is wont to do. Call it a tribute to Tom Mboya.

So, experienced fund-raisers. Talk to me.

So if you can  help Juliette restore these villagers’ belief in American generosity send a few bucks to the charity.

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