Jesse Jackson On The Cutting Room Floor: Used The N****R Word!

News has surfaced that Jesse Jackson on the now infamous video wanting to cut Obama’s nuts off used the N word on that tape that was was cut from the original tape.

From  TV Newser:

TVNewser has been sent the transcript of what Jesse Jackson said Sunday morning July 6, as he prepared for an interview on Fox & Friends Weekend. Below is the partial transcript we received in our tips box, and confirmed to be authentic by Fox News Channel representatives.

Barack…he’s talking down to black people…telling n—s how to behave.

Jesse was just using a blanket description of fellow African Americans not just Obama.

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5 thoughts on “Jesse Jackson On The Cutting Room Floor: Used The N****R Word!”

  1. Mr. Jackson made a valid point. Mr. Obama should have shown more judgment and refrained from preaching down to people who cling to other values.

  2. On hymies, whiteys and noble Afro-Americans…
    The hypocrisy of those who complain about liberal media’s hypocrisy – the bellow post on Town Hall regarding Jackson’s comment (at that date) was deleted after a couple of hours exactly for containing/ anticipating the existence of the “N” word in Jackson’s rant. I am glad that I was right anticipating Mutilator Jesse’s terminology, and that I used it so well to underline media’s hypocrisy in this matter, yet I have to say Town Hall acted foolishly – and this coming from a joint claiming that resents or is strongly against liberal censorship! Bellow is said post deleted by Town Hall – I have prudently used “N-R” for the verboten term:
    On hymies, whiteys & mutilators…
    Heavens! Hymies, whiteys, “God Damn’ America!”, “General Betray Us”, typical bitter white men clinging to their guns, grannies flattened by buses and N-R reverends lopping off N-R community activists’ balls – is this the “Return Of The American Mutilators, Part III, The Raw Story?”
    No, welcome to the 21st. Century Progressive Movement of America – what a collection of foul-mouthed, loony & hysterical louts!
    As far as media’s hand-wringing about Jackson’s “faux pas” that’s Pollichinele’s secret – the Democrat Party is a fragile aggregation of special intersts and the fact that many blacks do not consider Glibama black spooks the DNC, situation highlighting the big rifts existing within the progressive (pardon the expression) movement (by the way, those silhouettes, daggers raised, hidden behind drapes aren’ the Clintons?)
    You break it, you owe it – Fox & O’Reilly should be praised not chastised for this, err… distraction.

  3. Whatever you might think of Rev. Jackson, he has a point and raised an important issue that ought to be discussed in the black community and media and not decried or dismissed. As a black person, I am offended that Obama is rehashing all those fact-free racist beliefs racists and rightwingers have been peddling to justify racism and discrimination. Hannity, O’Reilly, Michael Savage, Glen Beck, etc. would be proud, feel justified, vindicated and see it as a green light to continue their subtle and not-so-subtle racist rants!

    Does anyone remember how the inhabitants of New Orleans, not the federal government, were blamed for the horrors of Katrina? Obama’s talking down to blacks is, imho, falls into that category – blacks are incapable of doing anything themselves to lift themselves up (code talk for “lazy”).

    That’s why I could not understand Obama being given a standing ovation at the NAACP for lecturing and talking down to them without once coming up with a solution, even telling them that they should not count on his administration, if he’e elected, to help them. McCain who, on the other hand, not only talked about the problems facing the black community, specifically public and inner-city schools, promising to address them, also took questions from the attendees (something Obama did not do; in fact, he seems to treat his audiences with disdain!) was greeted with silence, indifference and rudeness (some folks were reading newspapers while he was speaking!)

    Considering how blacks treated Bill and Hillary during the primary, I’m not surprise at this blatant reverse racism Obama has given life to in the black community. Rev. Jackson is 100% right. Apart from wanting their votes, Obama does not give a rat’s behind for blacks or their problems. For those who disagree, I ask you to take a look at his South Chicago constituency, and come tell me Obama’s done a donkey thing to help them from his time as state senator to now! When are we black people going to learn that our worse exploiters are our kind!

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