Tim Who? Krazy Keith Wants First Class, Goes Bananas Over Ketchup!

Keith Olbermann had a temper tantrum at a memorial reception for the late Tim Russert.

According to Page Six Olbermann was peeved last week when he didn’t get a first-class ticket to Washington, DC, for a private service for Tim Russert.

Apparently Olbermann didn’t get the tickets he demanded and was not at the service.

Olbermann was sighted having a Ketchup tantrum later.

The Page Six article goes on to describe the Olbermann tantrums:

Olbermann was screaming into the phone on Tuesday because there were no first-class train tickets available for that day, and he wanted to make sure he would ride first-class on Wednesday. According to the source, Olbermann berated a staffer who was coordinating Wednesday’s Kennedy Center memorial by yelling, “You better hope to God there is a first-class train ticket tomorrow.”

Our insider elaborated, “MSNBC was dealing with who could come to the private ceremony Tuesday and who couldn’t, among the hundreds of people who worked with or for Russert – and Keith was ranting about not getting a first-class ticket.”

We’re told Olbermann didn’t get to Tuesday’s ceremony, and went to Washington by car to broadcast from outside the Kennedy Center the next day. An aghast witness there said, “As guests were making their way into the memorial, Keith went apoplectic because there were no ketchup packets at the Kennedy Center.”

Olbermann was heard saying outside the service, “this place is going to hell,” because his Washington staff couldn’t find ketchup packets for lunch at the Center. An NBC insider claimed, however, “Keith did not have lunch at the Kennedy Center and was not eating on the set because he was anchoring a broadcast.”

A rep for Olbermann snapped: “Since whatever you’re going to print is an outright lie, you can go ahead and write whatever you want. That’s on the record and applies to all future items you might make up.”

Krazy Keith… nuff said.

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  1. Keith has melted down before, and it looks like he is on the way to doing it again. I read he has restless leg syndrome and apparently folks who have this problem, don’t sleep much. He has mental problems which is why he is so full of hate and rage and abusive to everyone around him. Right now he can focus and blame all his rage on Bush but when Bush leaves office, he is going to explode. He will carry it over the deep end and lose his job like he did before – watch. O’Reily poking fun at him about rating losses is not helping the meglomaniac in Keith.

  2. Olberman is joke, he’s in the same category of TV sleaze hosts as Springer, Povich, and Geraldo. No one takes him seriously, no one that is, except for Olberman himself.

  3. KO must be feeling the heat for GE stocks hitting an all time low, thanks to their pandering to the left and the boycott of MSNBC and NBC and their sponsors, by every Clinton supporter, IN THE WORLD!!!

    Maybe he’s on his boss’ top five list to be fired.

    HA, what goes around comes around KO.

  4. Keith Obama-man has been unhinged for quite some time. The only way anyone ever pays attention to him is when he makes a donkey of himself in public.

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