Obama Blames Fox News For His Anticipated Loss In Kentucky

Barack Obama tries to lay blame on the Fox News Channel for his woes in the upcoming Kentucky Primary. It seems that every time he has a new tarbaby such as his upcoming loss in Kentucky Obama finds a new whipping boy. This time the dreaded Fox News is to blame for his problems.

From McClatchy:

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, facing a likely defeat in next Tuesday’s primary election, won’t travel to Kentucky before the voting, but said he hopes to have much more time to win over Kentucky voters before the November general election.

He also blamed Fox News for disseminating “rumors” about him and said that that and e-mails filled with misinformation that have been “systematically” dispersed have hurt him in Kentucky.

“When we’re able to campaign in a place like Iowa for several months and I can visit and talk to people individually, I do very well. That’s harder to do at this stage in the campaign,” Obama said in a brief telephone interview Friday. “And once we get past the primary, we’ll ble to focus more on those states where we need to make sure people know my track record.”

What an amazing crybaby. Would a President Barack Obama whine about his global adversaries too? He is too shallow and a weak opponent to McCain.

t/b: Michelle Malkin

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  1. Are you suggesting that Fox hasn’t broadcast rumors about Obama? You can easily go to YouTube and clearly see the “madrassa” nonsense spread by Fox. One need only turn on Sean Hannity for five minutes and hear him making outrageous statements that the media hasn’t grilled Obama about William Ayers when the ABC debate last month clearly did so.

  2. Dodger McCoy:

    Wow one debate about Obama’s relationships with known terrorists and crybaby Obama says he will not have further debates. Obama has not been vetted and is the weakest of all possible democrats. Obama lacks the experience and is naive if he thinks he can debate McCain on National Security issues. Obama should be framing the election around domestic policy because if it becomes a race about foreign policy we will have a Republican in office for another four years.

  3. Obama should be grateful forall the rest of the mainstream media whose goal it is to dupe the public rather than lashing out at the one network that calls him out. Obama is a cry baby ….waaaaa

  4. Obama is going to lose the general election if he makes it past the primaries, because he is simply an idiot that the DNC has propped up with out properly vetting.
    Everything that has come out about him in the media is of his own doing, which he refuses to take responsiblity for, he has no one to blame but himself. Fox did not make him go to Trinity Church for 20 years, fox did not make him force Wright to marry he and his witch wife, baptize his children, sit on the same board with Ayers, socialize with the Ayers, have an advisor that was off visiting Hamas…etc.

    Once again we see the true character of Obama and he has no cred to be in the running for president.

  5. He didn’t go to West Virginia as Hillary was BLOWING HIM AWAY there. so he ignored those voters. He isn’t going to Kentucky as Hillary is BLOWING HIM AWAY there. so he ignored those voters.

    I think the fact is that OBAMA is NOT electable by AVERAGE MIDDLE CLASS Voters Like West Virginia and Kentucky and all the other states, the BIG SWING states that DID vote HILLARY CLINTON 08.

    I think he is not SMART ENOUGH to understand that ignoring these “AVERAGE” voters in the primary will lead to them IGNORNING HIM in the fall election. He is NOT for the AVERAGE AMERICAN.

    I will NEVER EVER vote Barack HUSSIEN Obama. Oh the middle name, it IS his name and He and his Elitist Wife get bent out of shape when it is used. TOO BAD.


  6. all the superdelegates had better beat a fast track to hillary as fast as they can.i for one will never vote for this dummy.he is dangerous for this country

  7. You are not sure of much of anything at all if you do not realize that FOX NEWS is biased as all get out and unfair and is a perfect example of yellow journalism at its worst since the HEARST PAPERS. The cable television part of FOX NETWORK should have their liscense revoked immediately and permanently.

  8. Obama is an IDIOT, pure and simple! I will never vote for him.


  9. Our President comes out and makes a strong clear statement this week. The Democrats melt down in their anger. Their response once again is not to refute on the content of what he said or the issues, but to project a spirit on him and attack that. This week is the first time I have thought I will miss This President. Why couldn’t he speak in strong terms like this more often. Ah well, I am not excited about McCain but I am starting look forward to the “Republican Attack Machine” going to work on Obama. That should be fun for a while before suffering through McCains double-speak for four years.

  10. You’re good at name calling, aren’t you?

    Look, a lot of people have voted FOR Obama, Clinton, McCain and Ron Paul.
    This is democracy–you vote for who you think can do the job.

    Don’t be “upset” because Obama has gotten a lot of votes.

    I have voted in all elections since 1972–I am noticing this generally, that Democrats usually run on appealing to people’s hope, and Republicans usually appeal to people’s fear. The Hope Party and the Fear Party.

    Have you considered marrying Ann Coulter?

    Good luck!

    Since 1968, the only Republicans who have lived in the White House have resided in California and Texas. McCain is from Arizona.

  11. Wait – there are republicans in California? Haha. I think with a candidate who associates with terrorists (Obama) vs. a candidate who hates them and wants their dead bodies no matter what (McCain) – the “fear party” will win. And by the way, Arizona and Texas may not be the same state – but they share a lot of common things – so to try to pick a president by their state is pretty stupid. Texas and Arizona will vote republican, and california will vote Democratic in the general election like usual. This race is about the swing states – PA FL OH being the major ones with the most delegates. Iowa missouri new mexico, and others will a lso play a role – but McCain is ahead in OH and FL right now – that’s all president bush needed to secure the win. Also, PA is pretty close – (being from PA) i think many republicans will come out of the woodwork just to vote for McCain over Obama, esp. in rural areas – i would suspect a higher turnout than usual to balance off the Obama attack.

  12. I used to live in KY and my husband is a native of The Blue Grass State. I’m not sure where it falls in among B. Husein Obama’s 57 states he visited, but even here in California we can all recognize a little kid sulking in the sandbox. He seems unable to make up for not being allowed to use his guns for hunting, or to attend church to salve his lack of plain common sense as well as lacking knowledge of so-called middle classed people salving their economic and lack of knowledge as per B. Husain Obama’s San Francisco elitist statements. Gee, but San Francisco is soooooooooo full of AIDS, Gay Pride Parades, homeless people and other horrors we blue collar folks know nothing of, but then we ARE ignorant, n’pas?

  13. Obama also claims in the interview that part of the reason he’s going to lose Kentucky to Clinton so badly is Arkansas is closer to Kentucky than his home state of Illinois.

    As I round up here, O’s home state of Illinois actually borders KY, while Arkansas does not.

    The Messiah needs another geography lesson.

  14. Shame on you Fox. Now CryBaby O has something else to whine about. What a great American president he’d make. I can see it now –“OK everybody. Stop eating and driving, conserve fuel and food. VP Ayers do you think Amb. to Iran Wright should be phoned before we visit or just drop in for tea? The Kenyan Amb. Michelle can go with us if our burkas are back from the cleaners – better check on the red ‘n white checked ones. Maybe some of my former classmates can meet us in Libya and discuss the global war on terror. Some citizens are giving me a hard time lately and Fox is egging them on so we got to shut Hannity and O’Reilly down. Any ideas?” Wow, won’t this be a blessed day? A still wet-behind-the-ears President O!!

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