Barack Obama's 54 Double 'D' Campaign

Barack Obama and his illicit and sordid campaign. Such Shame!

“…He put his name on two big 54 Ds'”

Bill Clinton is our hero… Not Obama!


t/b: Michelle Malkin

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  1. Self-hate is a disease in our community. There is not one encouraging or helpful statement here made in glory of God or encouraging Africans and African Americans. If a hand out like welfare from the former president is enough to erase his racially charged comments, that proves this false prophet can be bought. I pray most for the sheep in his flock who have definitely been led astray.

  2. .. Barack.. Jackson.. and the other Singing Minister Sharpie.. WORSE things that keep happening to the Blacks in this Country… Someday they Masses Might just WAKE up and realize how badly they have been USED and Abused by their own …

  3. Notice how Barack has blocked any hope for a revote in Michigan and Florida. We ARE A DEMOCRACY!!!! We represent most democracies as a super power. IF PEOPLE AREN’T ALLOWED TO BE COUNTED OR ALLOWED TO REVOTE, THEN WE ARE NOT ACTING LIKE A DEMOCRACY!!! Do not let Barack kill our democracy! I don’t want to call him unpatriotic, but this is clear proof of that. It is all very ridiculus.

  4. Maybe Hussein Obama doesn’t want the Michigan vote because America would see how many of Dearborn’s thousands of Muslims would vote for him.

  5. when is the dnc going to get off their obama we love you asses and count the delegates that hillary won. the people voted, count the votes in both states. what is obama so afraid of and why does his camp keep throwing out excuses and delays ? they try to tell everyone that there is no way that hillary can win even if she gets florida and michigans delegates. i dont get it. but one thing i do get, the super-delegates need to do the right thing and tell obama that he is unelectable now. there is no way that in the general election he would win and they know this… if ever there has been a time to exercise the reason we have the super-delegates its now over this unelectable racist obama…

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