Crooked Hillary, The Corrupt Clinton Legacy

Do we need 4 to 8  more years of the Billary nightmare?

When will the MSM reveal the real Hillary again?


If Barack Obama really wants to be president, then he’s acting like a gutless wonder.

The same goes for John Edwards and Joe Biden and Bill Richardson and everybody else in the Democratic field.

If they really wanted to be president, then when they look at the polls and realize that Hillary Clinton is leaving them in her dust, they would vow to stop her with every fair and accurate tool at their disposal — and the beauty is, they would legitimately be able to tell themselves they are doing it to save the United States from somebody so corrupt that she is “unfit for elective office.”

3 thoughts on “Crooked Hillary, The Corrupt Clinton Legacy”

  1. We Definately need a full eight years of Hitlery’s regime to finally wake up and realize that what was the USSR is again.. only HERE!
    In addition she and her Komrads will redifine Corruption to new highs in waffling terminology so as to make it appear as ” the REAL Deal”!!
    Since the Original “selling of America’ under her Consort already has taken place, the only new thing that she can add is who can she sell the rest to??
    She definately has no experience in Money managemnet, Resources management, run either a city or State, the only contact with the Military is to Hate them.. So will someone tell me of her claims on experience.. might it be on wire taps, Whitewater, Rose overbillings, nefarious ” affairs’ with people who are no longer here to tell the “rest of the story”… Is this what Fruit loops of the Left are wanting as a cIC????

  2. I won’t Vot for any candidate who is a member of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) This “council” is the shadow govt that is destroying our country.

    These same people are for the North American Union (NAU), NAFTA, NASCO, CAFTA, and keeping the Patriot Act, Homeland Security, American Protection Act, and every Executive Order Bush has already signed.

    these candidates are C.F.R. Members:

    Fred Thompson
    Rudy Giuliani
    Hillary Clinton
    Barack Obama
    John Edwards
    Joseph Biden
    Chris Dodd
    John McCain
    Mitt Romney
    Bill Richardson

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